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``The first six years are the most important years in your child’s life!
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Developing Literacy Practices

We know: that parents/caregivers want to improve the lives of their children and help them to enjoy success as a life long learner. We believe: that parents/caregivers deserve to have resources and supports that will strengthen their knowledge of early learning and development. We offer: a monthly literacy & learning calendar to families and early ...

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Fun in a Book!

Young children love to laugh. Humour is a great way to engage children in stories. Slapstick and slightly wacky stories about animals or people, doing things they shouldn’t, are children’s favourites.  To show the fun side of reading, treat your children to amusing stories, simple joke books or stories with easy riddles.   Don’t Let the ...

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Rhyme Time Outdoors

Young children love to hop, skip and jump, and to bounce balls. Just playing you say? True, but remember, this type of play is necessary for young children to develop many of the basic physical skills they will need in order to take part in games and sports when they are older.   Rhyming goes ...

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May is Speech and Hearing Month

Speak Well. Hear Well. Live Well.   The Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists offer tips for better speech and hearing: Read with Me! Talking, reading and playing with your child daily will promote healthy speech. It’s a Date! - Schedule regular check-ups and treat ear infections immediately. Untreated infections may lead to hearing ...

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Nature improves Love of Learning!

We know that nature is good for our health and well-being but did you know that time in nature can improve your child’s academic outcomes?   Spending time in nature helps to boost:   Performance in reading, writing, math, science and social studies Creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving Ability to focus and pay attention Enthusiasm ...

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Measuring Up

One childhood experience most children have engaged in is measuring their height. This may be from the family doctor or perhaps at home with mom or dad putting markings on a door frame. Young children routinely engage in measuring tasks.   Measurement is a math concept children learn about at home and school. Measurement includes ...

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Discovering the World!

“Engagement” refers to a state of being genuinely involved and interested in what one is doing. Engagement leads to learning. For children, this engagement (learning) happens in play that evolves from the child’s natural curiosity.   Young children are curious about everything. They experiment by poking, pulling, tasting, pounding, shaking and stacking things. They need ...

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Barefoot Books Fundraiser

Children need to know a LOT of words to be able to understand what they read later on. Did you know that children's books typically have 50% more rare or unique words in them than does the  conversation of most university graduates? Vocabulary is a strong predictor of reading success. It's not just about reading ...

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Ontario Early Years Child and Family Centres

Family Space shares Ontario’s vision for the early years. We want to ensure that Ontario’s children and families are well supported by a system of responsive, high-quality, accessible and increasingly integrated early years programs and services that contribute to healthy child development today and a stronger future tomorrow.   To support this vision and build ...

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Are you ready to be a Licensed Home Child Care Caregiver?

If you are thinking about starting a home child care business in your own home, but have some questions, we can help! Over the last few weeks, our blog has helped to debunk the myths about Licensed Home Child Care with Family Space.   Check out our last few blogs then pick up the phone ...

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