Children are competent!

Early childhood educators (and parents of young children) these days, are often reminded just how strong and powerful our children are!


Believing that children are competent, capable of complex thinking, curious, and rich in potential is a view of the child promoted in Ontario’s pedagogy for the early years: How Does Learning Happen?


Pedagogy refers to how the teaching and learning happens.  In this resource from the Ministry of Education, learning happens through relationships and with a shared understanding of children, families, and educators. Those of us who work with young children and their families are committed to using this valuable document to guide our planning and strengthen the quality of our programming in the early years.


When we set out and act on this strong image of children, it can have a profound impact on what happens in a young child’s life. Our view of the child can influence the choices we make about activities, experiences, and materials we offer our children both in and out of early year’s settings.  It makes sense that if we see children as capable and curious, we are more likely to acknowledge their strengths, welcome their contributions and deliver programs and services that build on their abilities.


To do this well, we need strong partnerships with families. Tell us how we can connect with you.


What can we do to support your children’s learning? What relationships and environments does your child need to make learning happen?


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