Our Image of Children

In our last blog we reflected on our view of children. We borrowed language from the resource titled How Does Learning Happen. It includes such impactful words as: competent, capable, complex, curious, rich in potential.


As parents and caregivers you will likely hear early childhood educators describe children today as knowledgeable, reflective, critical thinkers, problem solvers, builders of their own theories, co-learners and constructors of their own knowledge. We frequently refer to children as powerful communicators, collaborators, planners, investigators, explorers, artists and scientists.  We see children as competent and capable.


Our view of children has evolved over the years. The language we use is changing rapidly as we strive to provide the best experiences and outcomes for children. For some who are embracing this strong image, a shift in mindsets and habits may be required.  We no longer see children as weak, innocent, a blank slate or empty vessel.


Perhaps your view of children is changing too. What do you notice about the vocabulary surrounding your child? How does this make you feel? What does it make you think about? Why?


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