The Curious Child

In How Does Learning Happen? Ontario's Pedagogy for the Early Years, there are many statements that remind us that children are curious and love to investigate. "Children thrive in indoor and outdoor spaces that invite them to investigate, imagine, think, create, solve problems, and make meaning from their experiences..." (p. 20)


Have you noticed? Young children are curious about everything. They experiment by poking, pulling, tasting, pounding, shaking and stacking things. What do you notice about your child when something sparks their curiosity?


And children ask questions - many, many questions. "Children learn through questioning and testing theories in their play." (p. 20)


Take heart! Exploration, experimentation and questioning are good things. Children need to learn that the answers to their questions can be discovered through their own investigation. This is the beginning of scientific thinking and children are very good at it.


Science centers, museums and conservation areas offer:

  • interesting things to see, hear, touch and smell
  • places to linger and contemplate thoughts
  • engaging environments and spaces to explore


“The best way to learn science is to do science.”       Lind 1999


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